Hidden Draft Gems is a documentary television series focusing on extremely gifted small college football players in America. On their journey to the NFL and what makes them shine above the rest. Each episode defines the player’s lives and what they face on their voyage of becoming the next NFL star.

The documentary series involves the players’ life situations and development on player’s response to the process and how each of them deal with adversity and the stories beyond the practice and playing field. The series is a direct spotlight of schools that don’t get to much publicity but have incredible talent.

Our host a former NFL star himself from a small school. Will go into the small towns and colleges of America and provide complete analysis of each of the college football players. Hidden Draft Gems provides the viewers with the high and low moments of the college football players’ daily journey through practice, games, school and their outside environment. Presenting the audience with an authentic experience by examining a Collegiate Football Players past, present, and future leading them to the NFL draft.

Hidden Draft Gems

Documentary Series

Release Date: Fall 2019

  • Directed: Antony J. Bowman
  • Produced: Oren Shiri, Rene Sheridan
  • Story by: Oren Shiri
  • Host: Damond Talbot
  • Duration: 1 Hour-10 Part Documentary Series
  • Language: English
    Production Company: Capture Media

DIRECTED BY Antony J. Bowman